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Online technical training for career-minded individuals, corporate employees, military, government, current technical writers, and consultants. Enroll in any one of our professional certification courses that meet your technical writing interests and goals.

Job Outlook

Employment of Technical Communicators is projected to grow 15 percent faster than the average for all occupations over the course of the next several years.

Online Training

Techwriter-Certification will prepare you for a career in technical writing. It will also sharpen and advance your workplace writing and communication skills.

College And University Affiliation

Your opportunity to earn Certificate Credentials from prestigious .edu institutions.

Popular Programs

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Workplace Experience

Do you have the necessary technical writing capabilities already in place? Are you seeking to advance your career goals and objectives? Then use the Workplace Experience Certificate Service to propel your career forward. Earn a Certificate in Technical Writing based on your area of expertise.

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This course enhances your understanding of technical communication and prepares you to step up successfully for project management assignments and roles in your career using proven communication techniques and principles. Six concise lessons offer critical insight and knowledge.

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Advanced Tech Communication

The study of user experience, subject matter development, effective documentation, and visual design produce a pathway to the development of an authenticated communication process. Enroll today and learn how to apply new knowledge to your next project.

Badge Credential

At the time of successful course completion, Technical Writing Certificate Badges are generated. They recognize and verify that specialized learning has taken place in the subject area enrolled in. Our Official Digital Badges can be used to display a skill set and achievements on social networking profiles such as LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. as well as on various job sites and much more.

Certificate Credential

Nationally, JER Online partners with Accredited Educational institutions. Many of these programs offer students the opportunity to earn non-credit Certificate Credentials at the successful conclusion of their course of study. These do not transfer to credit. The Certificate Designation is clearly printed along with the student's name and the institutional watermark (or other suitable image) and official signatures. Note: Check with this institution to see if they offer Completion Certificates. Otherwise, arrangements can be made directly with JER Online through our network of accredited college and university partners. Technical Writing Certificate Processing Fees apply. For more information contact us at requestmycertificate@jeronline.com.